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Brand name and origin

Our brand name is "Besman", which derived from the deep pursuit of oral health and technological innovation. Knowing deeply the importance of oral health to the overall health of individuals, we are committed to providing every user with the most advanced and efficient electric toothbrush products to help them maintain good oral health in daily lives.


Brand history and headquarter location
Since the establishment in 2007, our brand has experienced continuous innovation and breakthrough, now it has become one of the leading electric toothbrush brands in China. Our headquarter is in Shenzhen, China, a city full of technology atmosphere and innovative spirit that provides a steady stream of power for our development.


Core products and concept
Our core products are the sonic electric toothbrushes, which applied with advanced sonic technology for thorough mouth cleaning, plaque removal, dental calculus crushing and bringing users a brand-new brushing experience. We firmly believe that only through technological innovation can we bring users better oral care products to help them maintain good mouth health.


Market position and honor
With excellent product quality and innovative marketing strategy, our electric toothbrush brand has made remarkable achievements in the market. The products not only sold well domestically, but also exported to overseas markets, and won the trust and praise of many users. At the same time, a number of domestic and international honors and certifications have been won which helps to prove the strength and market position of our brand.


Brand culture and value

Our brand culture is based on "health, innovation, quality, responsibility". We are committed to providing users with the healthiest and most innovative oral care products. We value product quality, adhere to rigid standards to create each product. We actively fulfill our social responsibilities, pay attention to environmental protection and public welfare undertakings.


In the future development, Besman electric toothbrush brand will continue to uphold the values of "health, innovation, quality, responsibility", unceasingly innovate and make break through, to provide global users with high quality oral care products and services. Let's work together for the cause of oral health!

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