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QWhy does the gum bleed for using the water floss in the first time?

A Gingival bleeding after the first use of the water floss indicates inflammation of the gums or the improper positioningof the water flosswhich leads to over stimulation, It is recommended to use SI special made sensitive nozzle for the first time use and turn tothe soft mode or thelowest gear of the SI. After about a week of acclimation, the bleeding should be well controlled, while persistent use is beneficial to improve the periodontal micro-circulation.

QDoes one need to brush teeth after using the water floss?

A The function of the toothbrush and the water flossare mutually reinforcing,the general order of use is to cleanthe surface dirtwith a toothbrush first, after brushing the teeth, use the water flossto clean the hidden parts of the slit between the teeth.

QCan water floss flush away dental stones?

A Persist in using the water floss can clean out the residue in the dead ends of the slit between the teeth, improve the plaque clearanceand effectively prevent the formation of dental stones. However, for the dental stones that have already formed, oneneedsto go to a dental hospitalfor regular medical treatment.

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